Philmont Quarter Beef Bundle

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New in 2021, Philmont is offering Quarter Beef Bundles (one-fourth of a Philmont Steer) for the first time. Graded choice to prime, raised on native grass in Philmont pastures, grain finished at Philmont Livestock Headquarters and grown without added hormones. USDA inspected and packed in Las Vegas, NM by the all-new High Plains Processors.

What You Get

The Quarter Beef Bundle will be approximately 90-100 lbs. and are expected to be available in mid May, 2021. 

An order will include the following (approximately):

-3 packages New York Strips 1" (2 per package)

-3 packages Ribeye Steaks 1" (2 per package)

-2 packages Filet Mignon 1 1/2" (2 per package)

-2 packages London Broil 1 1/2" (1 per package)

-2 packages Petite Sirloin Steaks 1" (2 per package)

-1 Chuck Eye Steak 1" (1 per package)

-3 Chuck Roasts 3# (1 per package)

-1-2 1# pkg tenderloin kabobs

-2 Sirloin Roasts (1 per package)

-3 pkgs tenderized cube steaks (4 per pkg)

-1-2 rump roasts

-1 fajita flank steak (1 per package)

-1 fajita skirt steak (1 per package)

-3 1# pkg stew meat

-1-2 1# pkg stir fry meat

-3 pkg short ribs (2 sets per pkg)

-30 to 35# pounds of 85% Lean Hamburger

A Quarter Beef Bundle requires about 4 cubic feet of freezer space.




Be prepared to take your Quarter Beef Bundle in boxes/coolers and keep frozen while transporting to your frozen storage location.


Pickup details can be made AFTER purchasing with Dave Kenneke at or by calling at (575)447-2366.