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  • High quality medical grade formable aluminum with a soft plastazote inner lining for enhanced stability, durability and comfort during recovery.
  • It is suitable for all injuries concerning the fingers for fast and efficient recovery.
  • The Finger Splint also suitable for post operation recovery, tendon injuries, breaks and fractures of the fingers.
  • It is highly adjustable, the formable aluminum allows one to adjust the splint accordingly and the splint is able to hold the injured finger in any desired position necessary for safe and efficient recovery.
  • The Finger Splint is designed to gently immobilize and support injured fingers.
  • Its unique bendable design allows you to bend the legs of the splint around the finger for a stable fit.
  • The finger splint is completely lined with foam for additional comfort.
  • The  Finger Splint is designed with extended, prolonged, all day and everyday use in mind.
  • You can use the splint while working, and sleeping at night. See product details for cleaning instructions.
  • The splint is designed to fit all fingers of the hand and can be used by men and women, boys and girls, adults, children and seniors alike.
Sam Medical Sp1213L Sam Finger Splint 4'' X 1.75'' (Pack Of 5)