Clay Allison

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Author: F. Stanley
Book Page #: 288
Book Size: 8.8 (H) x 6 (W) x 0.6 (Th)
Type: Paperback
Weight: 14.4
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Publish Date: September 1, 2008

Most writers are impressed by three things in the life of Clay Allison: That he had a tooth pulling bout with a dentist; that he rode the streets of Canadian, Texas, clothed only in a gun belt; and that he went back to Tennessee to marry his childhood sweetheart. Perhaps none of these incidents are hardly capable of exciting the imagination of the intelligent reader, but they do tend to set up a curiosity about this famous Western character. Eleven years of research and thirty thousand miles of travel are the propos on which the author built this story. It is not surprising that he should come up with a human being who is surprisingly capable of feats more commendable than those other Western legendary characters hit upon by most writers of Western folklore. Exciting tales of gun slingers are not always true tales. Here we find have both combined. This new edition in Sunstone's Southwest Heritage Series includes a new foreword by Marc Simmons, an excerpt from F. Stanley's biography by Mary Jo Walker, a tribute to F. Stanley by Jack D. Rittenhouse (also from the biography), and an article on Clay Allison by Norman Cleaveland.