Freeze Dried Chile

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The Fresh Chile Company, we are passionate about finding new ways to share the amazing, good taste of our Chile Products. One new way which we are excited about and proud to present is the World's First Freeze-Dried Hatch Chile, straight from the fertile Chile Fields of Hatch, New Mexico, which, as everyone knows, is The Chile Capital of the World.

Their Chile is Fire-Roasted, Cleaned, and Chopped within hours of being hand harvested. Then we Freeze-Dry it, perfectly preserving that one-of-a-kind Chile flavor that you only get from Hatch Chiles.

Freeze-Dried Chile rehydrates in just a few minutes.

We guarantee you will think it was freshly roasted.

This product is 100% pure Hatch Chile, with no preservatives, calcium chloride, or salt to mess up the pure Chile taste.

It is wonderful for Burgers, Pizza, Soups, Eggs, Freeze-Dried Backpacker Meals, Disaster Preparation Planning, and much more.

Add just enough water to rehydrate, or add Chile directly to Soups, Sauces, and Freeze-Dried Meals. About 4 oz. Ingredients: Hatch Green Chile. Gluten-Free, Paleo, Vegan, GMO-Free, No Preservatives. Heat to 165 degrees before consuming.