Granite Gear Air Compressor

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Are you looking for the right product for compressing your gear but without adding much weight? Then you have found the right product! Pack all of your personal gear down into these great compression sacks to have more room for food, extra water and other necessities while hiking in Philmont's backcountry. The Air Compressor is built to cut ounces while still handling a fair amount of stress. The see-thru fabric is great for allowing you to have all of your gear organized while still being able to see what is in each sack.

•Micro cord drawstrings
•Fabric: 30 Denier Sil-Nylon Cordura
•210 Denier lid
•Size: 8L (475 cu. in)
•Weight each: 1.76oz (50g)
•Dimensions: 5"x7.25"x16"
•Size: 11L (675 cu. in)
•Weight each: 2.2oz (63g)
•Dimensions: 5.25"x7.75"x17"
•Size: 16L (975 cu. in)
•Weight each: 2.47oz (70g)
•Dimensions: 6"x8.75"x19"
•Size: 23L (1,400 cu. in)
•Weight each: 2.9oz (83g)
•Dimensions: 7"x10"x20.5"
*Color may vary*