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A trekkers guide to the Philmont backcountry.  It is intended to give you a glimpse of the Philmont backcountry that awaits you.  It is not a comprehensive guidebook, but a tool to assist you in planning a trek. Updated for 2020, now includes color images!

The Philmanac offers information on almost every campsite at Philmont whether it is staffed or primitive. Includes information on water sources, elevation, and the number of campsites at a given area. The Philmanac even offers information on camps that are currently inactive such as Midnight View, or Brownsea.

The Philmanac is full of interesting Phil facts not likely to be found anywhere else.

*taken from the Hunting Lodge page*

"A plaque was placed at The Hunting Lodge in 1995 to commemorate the Philmont Hymn which had been written by John Westfall in August 1945 while a camper near the Hunting Lodge. He returned to Philmont as a staff member in 1947 and popularized the Hymn at Cimarron Bench (Visto Grande) where he was stationed."

This book is a great read for Philmont enthusiasts of all generations.

  • 10" x 8" x 0.5", 306 pages
  • Author: Rock Rohrbacher 
  • Eighth Edition, 2020


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    Great Resource

    Posted by Matt Carpenter on Apr 20th 2023

    I purchased the original edition over 20 years ago. With all the changes to back country camps after the 2018 Ute Park Fire, it was time to get the updated version. This is a great resource for anyone who has been to Philmont on different occasions over the years, and wants to keep abreast of what camps are new and which ones have been retired.

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    Good for Even Frequent Philmont Trekkers

    Posted by Dennis Brown on Dec 6th 2021

    The Philmanac provides a wealth of information on Philmont camps, landmarks, and history (to include the surrounding area). It contains far more information than found in the Guidebook to Adventure and Trek Planning book. The best news is that it is current to 2020 providing information on newly opened camps post the Ute-Park fire. I plan on using this book when my 2022 crew is selecting their itinerary priorities.