Philmont Map Blanket

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This is the softest, plushest blanket we have ever felt and makes a great gift for every enthusiast! We guarantee you will want to cuddle up with it as soon as you receive it. Every detail of our map is readable, so spread it out and re-live your trek! 

  • 50"x 60"
  • 100% Microfiber polyester
  • Double Sided Mink Fleece
  • Machine Washable


  • 5
    Numerous cartographic deficiencies, but may appeal to luxury-minded Philmont crews

    Posted by Carl N on Feb 13th 2023

    Despite its large format, visual appeal, and coverage of the entire Philmont Scout Ranch property and nearer portions of its immediate neighbors, this map is thoroughly insufficient for your navigational needs: 1. It is far more unwieldy than its paper counterparts, and is neither easily packed nor easily carried by hand for reference (recommend adding at least 5L capacity to Philmont's pack size suggestions if this map is used). 2. While its weight is modest, it is far from an ultralight option. 3. No reference gridlines are included, and thus it cannot be oriented with one's compass. 4. The lack of UTM coordinates renders Philmont's excellent system of navigation posts completely useless. 5. It is too floppy for field navigation, needing to be either supported or stretched and held to view segments of the map. 6. Not only is its textured surface difficult to mark during the pre-trek itinerary review meeting, but its scale seems disproportionate to the template in use at Logistics (at least for my 2022 visit), so notations specific to your itinerary are difficult to make and find. 7. The hillshading gives some visual cue to the terrain (and is, I must admit, pleasing to view!), but the lack of topographic lines makes evaluation of route options extremely difficult. The map is, at least, reasonably tear-proof, and even being immersed in water does not lessen its readability. In an emergency situation, it could provide an insulative layer (though the product description fails to note its R-value, I find that it is warm enough even for cooler fall and winter temperatures). While this is based on personal feeling rather than objective measurement, I regard it as the snuggliest map I have ever used; it imparts a feeling of comfort when wrapped around one's shoulders or held in the lap. Even when its cartographic deficiencies were insufficient to keep me on trail, I still felt that this map provides a measure of comfort to Philmont trekkers. It also brought joy to staff members and other crews; smiles and laughter were prevalent when we attempted to utilize this map to follow our itinerary. In summary, this item is a far better souvenir/conversation starter/memento at home after the trek than navigational aid for your trek. Its beguiling softness, cozy warmth, and comforting feel may be tempting, but you should prioritize the overall and sectional map sheets over this novelty offering.

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    Map Blanket

    Posted by John on Feb 2nd 2023

    Nice blanket, map quite legible, only sorry that it doesn't include the entire overall map (missing far northern and southern portions). Great gift for the Philmont adventurer.

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    Philmont Map Blanket

    Posted by Steven J. Ruedy on Jan 11th 2023

    This is a nice blanket and conversation piece; I sleep under mine all year round. Soft and Comfy!

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    Map blanket

    Posted by John krauss on Jan 7th 2022

    Very cool and great gift to send a person so he can wrap up with the some of the trails he walked on a cool nite