Platypus Platy Filter Quickdraw

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Improve your backcountry filtering experience with the do-it-all QuickDraw Filter. Hollow fiber technology allows the QuickDraw to filter water fast (3L/m) while remaining compact and ultralight (2.4 oz). It’s designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of bottles and reservoirs, empowering you to assemble a filter system tailored to your preferences. The dirty side I/O (inner/outer) threads attach to QuickDraw reservoirs as well as common narrow-mouth bottles like smartwater® and most Platy bottles. On the clean side, select between the DrinkCap for drinking and pouring and the ConnectCap™ that attaches to narrow-mouth bottles. The filter is built to be safe, effortless, and long-lasting. Two cleaning methods—shake-to-clean and backflushing—keep the filter flowing fast throughout your trip, while the Integrity Check process allows you to ensure it’s still safely filtering water. So, choose your color, pick your vessels, and head out with a fast, effective and super-easy water filter system that’s all yours.

Combine and Customize: I/O dual threads and the ConnectCap let you dial in your custom leak-free system using the clean and dirty vessels you prefer, like smartwater bottles and Platy bottles.

Ultralight and Compact: Filter weighs just 2.4 oz and can fit in your pants pocket.

Fast Flowing: Hollow fibers filter up to 3 liters per minute with normal squeeze pressure and 1.75 liters per minute in a gravity setup.

Easy Cleaning: Easily shake-to-clean the stystem or backflush it to keep the water flowing fast throughout your trip.

Safe and Effective: Each micofilter is individually tested to ensure it meets all EPA and NSF guidlines for the removal of 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa.

Integrity Test: Unlike other squeeze filters, easily determine if your filter has been compromised and is unsafe to use in the event of a fall or freezing.

Comes with QuickDraw Filter, dirty-side cap, ConnectCap with cover, DrinkCap, adn backflush washer.