SEA TO SUMMIT Field Repair Buckle - 2 Pin

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This Sea to Summit Field Repair Buckle is designed to permanently repair broken buckles with just the help of a screwdriver. All Sea to Summit dry bags feature Field Repair Buckles, from the lightest Ultra-Sil Nano dry sack to the heaviest Hydraulic dry bag. Don't let a broken buckle ruin your adventure. Be prepared and carry a Field Repair Buckle in your repair kit.


Removeable, stainless steel pin with Phillips head

Repalces worn or broken buckles for a range of equipment

For backpacks, messenger bags, PFDs

Which Buckle Do You Need?

One-pin side release buckles replace closures found on most top-loading backpacks, daypacks, messenger bags, PFDs, bike bags etc. They hav eone fixed end and one ladderlock end - the ladderlock allow you to thread through a webbing strap which can then be tightened or loosened.

Two-pin side release buckles are a direct replacement for non-adjustable buckles, commonly found on dry bag closures and some backpack waist belts. They are not adjustable.