SmartWool Hiking Light Crew Sock

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On the trail it's easy to marvel at Philmont's beauty and sometimes in the horror at the smells your feet can produce after a long day on the trail. Rest assured, however, that after a good wash smells won't follow your socks with you to the next destination.

•Light weight
•Flat knit toe seam
•Fabric: 69% Merino wool, 30% nylon, 1% elastane
Sizing (by US shoe size):
•S: Men's: 3-5.5, Women's 4-6.5
•M: Men's: 6-8.5, Women's 7-9.5
•L: Men's 9-11.5, Women's 10-12.5
•XL: Men's 12-14.5

Made in the USA