The Philmont Field Guide

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  • 6" x 8.5" x 1", 264 pages
  • Full Color

The mission of the Philmont Field Guide is to acquaint and inspire staff, campers and visitors to enjoy and learn about the natural and cultural history of Philmont and the surrounding area.  The field guide is composed of eleven chapters:   Understanding nature, flora, fauna, weather, geology, astronomy, cultural history, human impacts, fire management, leave no trace and serving future generations.  The flora and fauna of Philmont are a major focus of the book and cultural history is crucial to a thorough understanding of the ranch.

One hundred twenty two wildflowers, 23 trees and most species of Philmont wildlife are depicted and described in the book.  Another 180 wildflowers may be found on a companion website at  Readers are encouraged to go to the website to further pursue their knowledge of the flora of Philmont.