Wilderness Guia Award

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Wilderness Pledge Guia Award Requirements

Each participant in the backcountry can earn the Wilderness Pledge Achievement Award. This award will include five requirements. The Wilderness Pledge Guia will help all member of the crew; both youth and adult achieve the requirements and earn the award. A special form will be provided at the Wilderness Pledge Guia meeting. The Wilderness Pledge Achievement award by be purchased by submitting the form at the Tooth of Time Traders. The profits from the purchase of this award will be used to expand the sustainable initiatives of Philmont Scout Ranch.

  1. Take part in the Ranger lead training for the Philmont Wilderness Pledge and Leave No Trace.

  2. Follow all Philmont Camping Practices as outlined by the Ranger throughout the trek.

  3. Practice all Philmont Bear and Wildlife procedures throughout the trek.

  4. Take part in seven trail discussions with your crew that will focus on one of the seven principles of Leave No Trace and find examples of the focus principle during that day of the trek.

  5. Complete three hours of conservation work under the direction of a member of the Philmont Staff. (This requirement is also one of the requirements to earn the Philmont arrowhead Patch. These hours count for both awards.)

Once these have been fulfilled, one may obtain the "Philmont Wilderness Pledge" patch.

Philmont Wilderness Pledge

The major areas of emphasis in the Philmont Wilderness Pledge are:

Litter/Graffiti - Each camper should make sure that all trails and campsites are left neat and clean. Camping Headquarters should be left in a like manner.
Wildlife - Respect wild (and domestic) animals. Do not feed or harass any wild animals.
Water - Remember, you are in a land where water is scarce and very precious. Conservation and wise use of water has been practiced since the first person entered this land. You should never bathe or do laundry or dishes in or near a spring or stream. Do not throw rocks in springs or touch any solar systems. They are easily damaged and the flow of water can be disrupted.
Trails - Pledge yourself to respect all trails. Do not cut green boughs or trees, or mark them. Do not cut across switchbacks, and do not alter or change trail signs.
Campsites - Each crew is responsible for leaving a neat and orderly campsite. Whether it be in Camping Headquarters, staffed camps, or non-staffed camps, your campsite should be left litter-free with its latrine and sump clean. Fires (if permitted) must be left DEAD OUT.